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Important Message From Five Letter Domains

We've moved!

The Five Letter Domains™ premium portfolio of rare, brandable domain names has now been incorporated into our new website — TechBrand. Joining this fine collection of short and memorable domains is a range of longer names and a very small number of highly sought-after four letter domains.

Visit TechBrand today!

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The authority and prestige of 5 letter domains makes them highly valuable. Because they are versatile, memorable and brandable, they are exceptionally rare. Using a short premium domain is an excellent foundation upon which to build a new business. TechBrand has a very fine collection of domains to choose from. And our collection is now combined with a premium collection of other brandable domains from DealNames.


TechBrand and Five Letter Domains are divisions of Deal Names.

Five Letter Domains' terms are now incorporated into TechBrand's.

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Five Letter Domains. Short. Sharp. Sure.


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A marketplace of more than 170 premium domains for sale — now available at TechBrand. All domains are offered at buy now, fixed prices!


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Five Letter Domains is a division of Deal Names

Five Letter Domains is a trading name of Click as a Flash

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